The world’s best Tezos baking service

We enable you to earn a ~6% dividend per year on your Tezos (XTZ) holdings.


These are our partners

These partners are doing a great job for the Tezos community. MyTezosBaker, Baking Bad and Tezos Nodes are listing Tezos bakers and provide technical analysis based on their efficiency and other parameters. Contact us to become a partner..

How it works

I want to delegate my Tezos to Proofofbake ! .... But how exactly does it work ?
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Transfer your Tezos to a wallet that supports staking, preferably to a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S

Copy the the delegate address on this page and insert it into the wallet to start delegation to our infrastructure

Start receiving automated dividend payouts every 3 days. Keep yourself informed about the progress using our telegram bot.

Earn a yearly dividend of ~6% on your coins.

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Why choose ProofofBake

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Immediate payouts

The payout start after exactly 7 cycles, no lockup time

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Payout every 2.8 day

After the initial 7 cycles you will receive payouts every 2.8 day (after every cycle)

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Low 8% fee

Our low 8% fee will ensure that you will get a ~6% dividend yearly, payed out every cycle.

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High efficiency

Our baker is based on a HSM (Hardware Security Module) which is extremely efficient.

Calculate reward

Within 5 years your initial amount will increase to 1,384 ꜩ. (4,966 USD)

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Please enter your ꜩ address in the box below and click on the button.

This is 100% safe and secure.

Latest payouts

Tx id Cycle Count Total Date
ooo3tQSi..Srz8Pg 332 58 184.959707 ꜩ 2021-02-28 06:30:49
onkYZ1Tg..EqEz87 332 200 43.666053 ꜩ 2021-02-28 06:29:49
opWTHFFB..ReVd6y 332 200 2,045.695500 ꜩ 2021-02-28 06:28:09
ooB6rd3e..AE75Pg 331 58 184.184059 ꜩ 2021-02-25 09:51:43
oofUwyFK..AUnqXA 331 200 42.464563 ꜩ 2021-02-25 09:50:43
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What is ProofofBake?

We are a Tezos baker. If you own Tezos (XTZ) you can delegate your tezzies to our baker address. We will then payout all the dividend to you minus a fee for providing this service.

How can I trust you?

Our reputation means everything to us. You can inspect our efficiency on several block explorers. We will participate in meaningful services like Baking Bad insurance to improve our reputation.

Since when are you baking ?

We have baking experience since halfway 2019. Our HSM baker launched early 2020.

When can we expect payouts ?

If you are a new client you will have to wait 7 cycles for the first payout. This amounts to about 21 days. After that you will receive payout after each cycle (2.8 days).